Lil Tjay Returns With “Give You What You Want”

Give You What You Want

Lil Tjay

Lil Tjay absolutely shines in “Give You What You Want.”

Lil Tjay is starting to gain his footing again. Since his recovery from gunshot wounds, it seems like he’s been taking things slow. When he has released tracks, they’ve felt like loosies or vent sessions. “Give You What You Want” feels like TJay’s first real single of the year.

“Give You What You Want” is powered by this tender beat that has a precious melodic sample attached to it. As for Lil Tjay, in his respective verses, he raps about aggressively pursuing a chick that might be taken already. What’s interesting is that the New York native leaves his fearless vocals at home; instead, he relies on a very raw rap sound. All in all, “Give You What You Want” is the perfect R&B-hip-hop hit, to me.

Give “Give You What You Want” a shot below.

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