little hurricane Mockingbird / Mary’s Lamb, all grown up

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by Walter Price

Taking traditional children’s songs and morphing them into something that grownups could comfortably jam with windows down has been done before, but perhaps not as well as what San Diego’s little hurricane has deliciously done with their rethinks of “Mockingbird” and “Mary’s Lamb”.

“Mockingbird” has a new swaying bluesy Jack Johnson vibe that’ll induce sing-alongs. While the “Mary’s Lamb” redux takes its Stevie Ray Vaughan DNA and twists up the narrative. Turning it into an indelible life lesson that both young and old lambs and friends can relate to. Maybe not cats, they bring too much baggage, or so it seems.

Acclaimed little hurricane [Anthony “Tone” Catalano and Celeste “C.C.” Spina] have done parents and kiddos around the world a solid with their reimagining of these two classic children’s songs. Perhaps not in the traditional off-to-sleep lullaby sense, but in a way all ages will want to eagerly turn them up. Kudos

You can stream “Mockingbird” and “Mary’s Lamb”, here at the GTC.

little hurricane Mockingbird / Mary’s Lamb

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Anthony “Tone” Catalano
Celeste “C.C.” Spina

Produced by little hurricane

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More than a missed connection, the duo that is Little Hurricane originally met via a Craigslist ad. Celeste “CC” Spina had posted a YouTube video of her drumming in the “Musicians Wanted” section after years of dreaming of touring. Her video caught the attention of Anthony “Tone” Catalano, an audio engineer and songwriter who has recorded everyone from Neil Young to Gwen Stefani.” – bio

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