Lola Leon, Daughter of Madonna, Releases Her First EP ‘Go’ as Lolahol – Indigo Music

Lola Leon, Madona’s daughter, released her debut EP, titled ‘Go’. Five songs from her debut album were made available through Chemical X Records.

Leon, who performs under the stage name Lolahol, made news recently when she dropped the dark, NSFW music video for her song ‘C**TRADICTION’. The edgy song is apt for the music video, which portrays Leon dancing in the stables of a ranch.

Check out the music video below:

According to a press release announcing the EP, the project “spans R&B, alternative pop and classic trip-hop.”

Image Courtesy: Pursuitist

While ‘Go’ is Leon’s debut EP, the singer, fashion model and designer’s first single, ‘Lock & Key’ was made available in August this year. The song’s release coincided with the debut of a seductive music video shot on the beach. The 25-year-old daughter of pop queen, Madonna felt it natural to make the transition into the music business.

Madonna was ecstatic about the new development. She posted a screenshot of the ‘Lock & Key’ cover art on her Instagram account with the message, “I am very proud of you Lola!”

Sikha Sohan

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