LOONA Members Discuss Styling Hopes and Regrets During 1st World Tour

Watching the members of LOONA backstage, clad in sweatpants and Crocs and bickering over the order in which to sit on the couch, you might not think that just the night before they were penning a new chapter in the group’s history. 

In any K-pop idol’s career, there are the foremost feats: the first music-show win; charting on the Billboard 200 for the first time; and the first show on a first world tour. LOONA achieved that initial feat in 2020, the second in 2021, and the third this year, on August 1, at the Wiltern in Los Angeles’s Koreatown — only a day before sitting down with Teen Vogue in the same venue. In a few hours, they’ll do it all again, in front of another sold-out audience. For the time being, though, the girls are ready to shake off any pre-show nerves.

From 2016 to 2018, the 12 members of LOONA (their Korean name, 이달의 소녀, translates to “girl of the month”) made their respective debuts one by one, skipping across jazzy ballads, electronica infused with soul, and internet-virality-primed pop. Since then, HaSeul, ViVi, Yves, JinSoul, Kim Lip, Chuu, HeeJin, HyunJin, Go Won, Choerry, Olivia Hye, and YeoJin (Chuu was unable to join the tour due to conflicting schedules) have held the beauty of diversity close to their hearts. Their idiosyncrasies as individuals and as artists are what shape them into such a compelling team.

JinSoul likens their unconventional debut, which used solos and various subunits out of the gate as opposed to further along in their careers, to a painter’s palette where different hues can be swirled together to make an entirely new shade. Yves has her own metaphor: “For me, it feels a bit like a music chart,” she says. “There’s a variety of songs in the Top 10 [at any given time]. If you watch a LOONA performance, there are many different genres. You can hear the whole spectrum of the music chart in one sitting.”

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