Making Associations with your Cravings

Making Associations with your Cravings (Member Video Replay and Notes)


Capturing Cravings is the first step, next we make associations


Below is the recording from the Lunch Time Live on October 12th, 2022. Helpful slides and notes are included below the video.




Summary Notes:

Our theme for this challenge is Cravings.

In week one, we defined cravings as “desiring a food outside of a planned meal time.”

Today I shared my new theory, that cravings are not just for food.

I crave comfy pants, chapstick, hugs and sitting on the couch. I crave fresh air and tying my hair back.

Sometimes cravings are our bodies way of telling us we need something to feel more regulated. When I stop and ask my kids why they are whining and fighting, I get more information to help us move forward which is more helpful than when I just tell them to quit it.

In this month of focusing on cravings, I want us all to use the CAAD acronym. Capture, Associate, Action and Decide.



Last week we talked about capturing. Taking detailed notes on what is going on when the craving hits (time, location, environment).

In week two, we are going to start making associations based on our findings.

“I have strong cravings most often after 8pm.” Based on your notes from capturing, you can now make an association.

NOTE: this is better than an assumption. Detailed notes will help you to make a stronger association. Don’t skip the step to capture the data or you’ll be more likely making an assumption.



If you are taking notes with pen and paper, start the circle the connections. Is it really the same time of day? Are there certain days of the week? Is it specific environments? Don’t assume….capture and record then associate!



As you start to see the connections, write out the association. It makes it more real and front of mind when you write it out!

Next week (Tuesday at 7:30pm Central) we’ll talk more about how to take action on the associations. You are allowed to work ahead and take action now! But working ahead doens’t mean skipping…I encourage you to keep all the CAAD steps in the picture.


Steph 🙂

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