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Growing up, Marky B “Lipstick Stains” is a lovelorn upbeat pop-punk record that sees him detailing his experience with heartbreak and the emotional turmoil that comes rolling down after.

Bolstered by a rousing guitar riff, thick basslines and rumbling drums, Marky B’s vulnerability in this latest release cuts through the mix with ease as he sings with so much gusto.

Lines like “First you hype me up, Now you say I’m not enough/ Sucks that I still love you, Cause your body like a drug” detail the lingering love for the lady in question and shows how deep in the rabbit hole Marky B is in. Listeners are in for a ride as he goes into specific details about what this lady has done to him, mentally and physically and all we can do is just wish him well because it’s quite tragic and relatable.

Growing up, Marky B always knew he wanted to be in the music industry. At a young age, he was exposed to multiple musical instruments including the piano, guitar, drums, and saxophone. These helped him develop his musical acumen as he ventured more into writing lyrics and vocal delivery but it wasn’t until the pandemic that the artist started his musical journey officially.

He polished his skills and released his first musical project Hollywood Whore in 2021. He then followed it in 2022, with his release of Broken Lies and his new single “Lipstick Stains.” These further gave him the impetus after it garnered him enough buzz with high stream numbers that could be unusual for an independent artist with no backing.

Mary B tells EARMILK, “My ultimate goal is to give people a genre-bending experience that would make them forget their sorrows and troubles for a while.” He is currently working on new music and probably another album as well.

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