Mask mandate ends on domestic and international flights as Australia rolls back Covid protections

Passengers are no longer required to wear masks on domestic and inbound international flights as Covid rules ease across Australia.

The mandate ended at 12.01am on Friday, however travellers are still advised to consider wearing them for their own safety.

The federal health minister, Mark Butler, said the change was endorsed by the chief medical officer.

“I encourage everyone travelling overseas to be mindful of the continuing risk of Covid-19 and to take personal precautions to stop the spread and stay safe,” he said.

Face coverings are also no longer required on domestic flights under previously flagged changes also in effect from Friday.

Masks may still be required on outbound international flights depending on the requirements of the destination country.

And across Australia, isolation has been reduced for people infected with Covid to a minimum of five days for those with no symptoms.

Workers in high-risk settings including aged care, disability and home care must still isolate for seven days.

Pandemic leave disaster payment rules have changed to reflect the minimum isolation period for anyone applying.

It comes as Australian states and territories will from Saturday no longer provide daily case figures.

The federal government will instead issue weekly data on new cases, deaths, hospitalisations and ICU admissions. The first weekly report will be made available on Friday 16 September.

“The move is supported by chief health officers, and will ensure high quality, accurate information is provided that sheds more light on Covid dynamics,” Butler said.

“This approach will bring national reporting in line with all the state and territories and support the analysis of Covid trends nationally and globally.

“The national report will be expanded to include trends-based analysis and oral antiviral treatment uptake.”

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