Meet Rax: Upcoming Atlanta-Based Hip-Hop and RNB Sensation

Douglasville, GA native Christopher Raxton, musically known as Rax, has grown to be a jack of many trades, but a recording artist by far has been a fulfilling decision this year for the newly Atlanta-based artist. Music has always played a part in Rax’s development as a child, continuously singing and being a part of choirs and bands throughout his entire adolescence. Eventually, this influence turned into a hearty interest for Rax, who eventually picked up the art of rapping. This passion and curiosity later turned into an entire leap into the world of a professional recording artist.

In his adulthood, Rax initially took a turn to entrepreneurship, working hard towards financial literacy and assisting others in aiming for the same goal. But like many entrepreneurs, he wouldn’t allow himself to be boxed into one window. Intensely ready to share his creativity and interpretation of music with the world and what it means to him, Rax’s passion and curiosity bubbled over into his first single release titled “Zip Tie” ft. Abu Da Don. Shortly after his debut, Rax also came in hot with other singles like “U&I” and “Body” ft. KDDO to name a couple. On Spotify alone, both songs have each managed to garner over 85,000 streams and counting. With his first track only releasing in the beginning of the year, the growth has been proudly evident. Rax has surely gotten into the swing of being fluent and keeping consistent with his artistry, and also keeping his foot on the gas. 

Ready to showcase his talent as much as possible, Rax has spent quarters one through three of the year standing ten toes and pushing his releases, and is now ready to catapult more collaborations, releases, and other stellar content while he continues to lay his foundation as the next big artist out of Douglasville, GA area. For those new to Rax, you have a front row seat to his journey as a professional recording artist.

Be sure to stream “Body” ft. KDDO below:

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