Meet the Cast of Netflix’s New “Resident Evil” Series

Who doesn’t love a good girlboss? Paola Núñez’s Evelyn Marcus is the ultimate example of the trope. The CEO of The Umbrella Corporation, Evelyn is a cold and snarky boss who doesn’t allow herself a single weakness. Even the people she loves – like her wife and their son Simon – can’t stop her from working towards her scientific goals. Her flaws are a main draw for Paola.

“I think what I love about her is that I identify with [how] she’s so flawed. She’s so flawed and I feel the same way about myself,” Paola tells Teen Vogue. “I always feel that every character comes to my life because it has… It teaches me something. And I do have this thing that I wanna control everything all the time. And I think with Evelyn, I was able to see the outcome of like the extreme right of this person that’s trying to control her whole life in such a drastic way that it all goes to s**t.”

Connor Gosatti as Simon

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In Resident Evil, Simon is a teenager with major hacker skills. Popular for his ability to break through the firewalls in New Racoon city, he comes to Jade’s attention when she needs help learning more about the secrets of The Umbrella Corporation. He’s a typical teenager and that’s one of the things that Australian actor Connor Gosatti liked about playing him. “I think the best part about playing Simon is just throughout the show, because there’s so much going on and it’s so intense, he just kind of brings a lot of the humanity back into it all,” he tells Teen Vogue. “And [he] reminds the audience that they’re just kids at the end of the day.”

While Connor isn’t a radical hacker like Simon, there are other things he and his character have in common. “Me as a teenager, I certainly had no skill in hacking or that whatsoever. I’m nowhere near as bright as Simon is in the show. But you have, I think, such a big heart when you’re a teenager, and I could really relate to that,” he shares. “I care deeply for the ones that I love, as does Simon in the show. And that was my way through to the role for me. All the hacking stuff, I had to learn, I had to research all of that, ’cause God, I had no idea. But yeah, obviously, you come in with the bravado and stuff when you’re a teenager and a bit of the angst, I was familiar with that, but I think it was his heart of gold that connected me the most with Simon.”

Resident Evil’s eight-episode first season is available to stream on Netflix worldwide.

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