Meet the Teen Behind the Viral “I Voted” Sticker

People love to post selfies on Election Day with their “I Voted” stickers, a tried-and-true ritual of the American voting process. I’ve seen people double back at the polls and go “Wait! But my sticker!” – almost like their vote counted less if they didn’t get it. It’s one of the few parts of the electoral system that’s fun and celebratory, especially while voting rights are under threat and our candidate options aren’t always what we’d like them to be.

Which explains why the internet lost its collective mind over a new voting sticker – one that speaks to the chaos of American politics. Instead of the usual navy and red serif font and stars, what about a spider head in neons? That’s what 14-year-old Hudson Rowan went for after his mom pushed him to submit a sticker idea for his New York state county election commission’s sticker competition. The competition is for students between the ages of 13 and 18.

Ulster County Democratic election commissioner Ashley Dittus told the Guardian that Hudson’s submission was the first one they received – apparently on 4/20, which made her think it was a joke – and it immediately caused a splash among the staff. “I definitely thought it was unique,” John Quigley, the Republican commissioner, told the Times Herald-Record. “Somebody tweeted, this is how voters feel about politics right now, and I thought it was almost like the best way to summarize it. It sort of is exactly how we all feel about politics right now.”

As of this writing, Hudson’s sticker has an astronomical 93 percent of the vote between the six competing designs, 195,100 of 208,000 total votes. People have really responded to the sticker’s unexpected whimsy. “I think the colors and the craziness just represents the world how it is right now, and how everyone feels when they’re like voting, and how the world is,” Hudson told The Guardian.

Teen Vogue talked to Hudson, who starts high school this fall, about his submission and the hullabaloo surrounding it.

Teen Vogue: So how’s it been since you went viral? Has it been fun, or weird?

Hudson Rowan: It’s been really fun. I was recognized in public for the first time the other day and that was a weird feeling.

TV: That’s wild. I read that your mom was the one who pushed you to submit your design?

HR: My mom was like, “Hudson, just do it.” I was like, “I don’t really feel like it. I’m a terrible artist.” She was like, “Hudson, just do something quick, it’ll be fine. Just do a little thing.” After that, I sat down, did a quick sketch, and then was like, here, just take it, Mom, and just sent it over to her.

TV: That’s way better than having to work on it forever, and not knowing what you want to do.

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