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Looking for a new obsession to belt in the car this fall? Indio Ink is the alt rock band you never knew you needed in your life.

The days of Nirvana and Green Day will never be over, but the days of new music from them might be long gone. The alternative rock scene is one of those genres that is ever-changing, yet evergreen, and new bands enter the foray often enough that it’s hard to be sad about the mainstream classics taking a break.

The newest group to make their mark is also one of the most important names for you to know. Indio Ink is sure to be your new favorite alt rock band that’s already making waves with their first two songs, “Headspace” and “Runaway.”

Let’s meet the members of this up-and-coming group so you can better appreciate the raw, relatable, and rambunctious sound of their music.

Indio Downey: Lead Singer

Indio Downey has a unique name that might seem somewhat familiar, and that’s because he’s the son of famous actor Robert Downey Jr. While Indio had a brief stint following in his father’s footsteps as an actor in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, his true passion lies in making music.

Indio was only twelve years old when he got his first guitar and started experimenting with different chords and melodies. Since then, he’s been using music as a way to fully express himself.

“I find music to be an extension of my emotions – whether it’s angst or love or anything in between,” says the singer. “Music is my spirituality.”

Drawing inspiration from the heavy distortions of Led Zeppelin and the smooth undertones of Nirvana, Indio has crafted his own unique sound in Indio Ink’s newest release “Runaway.” Combining heart wrenching lyrics with an energetic beat, it’s clear that music is Indio’s lifeline.

You might also recognize Indio as the previous singer of “The Dose” which released their first EP in 2018. Even though his vocals have matured, there is still an indescribable essence here that remains unchanged.

Emily Dickinson: Vocals and Keys

Even though she might not be the poet of the same name, Emily is still a poet in her own right. She’s a classically trained musician who’s had a love for music from an early age ever since she sat in front of her first drum set.

And since then, she’s only improved. Drawing inspiration from AC/DC, Emily’s independent vocals somehow sound familiar, harkening back to rock and roll icons of the past while thrusting the band’s genre into a new millennium. 

“I want to give people the impression I get when I hear good music” says Emily as she explains why she’s drawn to making music in the first place. The impression we’re getting from this band is that they’ll be here to stay for the long haul!

Cristóbal: Guitar

It’s not really an alt rock band without a killer guitar, and Indio Ink’s Cristóbal is no stranger to the strings. At just eight years old, Cristóbal was given a guitar and he hasn’t let go of it since.

From jazz to rock, Cristóbal continues to grow and change the landscape of alt rock sounds. While he swings away from the traditional riffs, he draws inspiration from groups of the past like Paramore and Green Day. Though, his most influential musical icon is his own father.

Talent runs in the family, because the chords in Indio Ink’s “Runaway” are distinguished, remarkable, and at times otherworldly. It’s a familiar sound with an aura of freshness that sets this group apart from any alt rock band you’ve heard before.

Much of this indescribable essence is thanks to the way Cristóbal’s guitar perfectly complements the other members of the band. While a guitar can sometimes drown out vocals or supersede the drums, Cristóbal manages to somehow steal the show without stealing the spotlight.

Jackson Morris: Drums

Drums are one of those instruments that can often go unnoticed, but in order for you to truly feel a song, you need that drum to be on point. Thankfully, Indio Ink’s Jackson Morris knows what he’s doing when you put some sticks in his hands.

Jackson was only three years old when he got his first drum set as a gift. Since then, he’s been practicing his gift by taking several music classes to perfect his precision percussion. He draws inspiration from Neil Peart, the drummer of RUSH, while still applying his own unique twists.

Jackson is inspired to elevate his craft, and considering what you hear in the band’s song “Runaway” we’re not sure if there’s much room for him to improve. His beats are on point, making it impossible not to tap your foot to the rhythm.

The mellow beats of Indio Ink’s sounds remind us of the best days of alt rock. It gives us hope that they are paving the way for a resurgence of the genre in the best way.

What’s to Come?

Following up their hit debut single, Indio Ink’s new song “Runaway” gives us a taste of what’s to come in the band’s first EP, set to release soon. “Runaway” is all about the feeling of being bogged down by superficial influences of the modern day world, and the craving to break free from this exhausting reality. It’s a highly relatable song that clearly came from the heart and souls of everyone involved. The new music video for “Runaway” is set to drop on September 30.

The band has already amassed over 200,000 song plays on Spotify, and has over 81,000 social media followers. Essentially, it’s clear that Indio Ink is skyrocketing into the mainstream, so if you want to be able to call yourself a founding fan, you better hop on the bandwagon sooner than later.

Indio Ink’s “Runaway” is streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. You can also follow the band on Instagram (@indioinkband) to be up to date on performances, as well as be the first to know when their new EP drops.

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