Mellor releases single ‘Meet me by the Ocean’

Image credit: Alex Wickenden

Leading up to their forthcoming Problematic Passions, powerful rock band Mellor is sharing their brand new single ‘Meet Me By The Ocean’ under Triple B Records on the 21st of October. Based in Reading, UK, Mellor mentions that they draw their inspiration from the music of the likes of  Arctic Monkeys and Biffy Clyro among others.

Stream / Download: Mellor – ‘Meet Me By The Ocean’

The guitar strings erupt majestically in ‘Meet Me By The Ocean’ from the beginning of the song to its end, pulsating passionately and widely, and if words could become musical sound, then the vibration of the electronic guitars in this single has admirably iterated the story and message of the song. Listeners are taken on a journey laced with unfamiliar yet known longing for unconditional love.

Mellor familiarises us with the subject matter of the new single: “MMBTO is a tragic love story. It’s about a suicide pact, a couple who end their lives together peacefully before the world consumes them. In a world of war and global warming, it’s a sobering fantasy of walking into the ocean together, side by side. It’s a track that doesn’t quite follow our usual formula. It came together organically, stemming from Kris’s (lead guitar) pedalling riff and the ambient guitar line/vocal combination”.

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