Music Review: The VOO – Me and My Ego ⋆ UNSEEN PLAYS

If you consistently blast stoner Rock N Roll out your speakers then you will enjoy The VOO and their latest single “Me and My Ego”. The duo band from Germany consists of Ben Galliers (Vocals and Guitar) and Andrew Krell (Double Bass) who recently passed away in January of 2022 in the middle of recording their full-length album titled “Brother VOO”. Aside from such sad news, listening to this song takes us back to the 60s for a dance-off. The vocals are macho, the guitars are surfer, the bass is boomy, and the lyrics make you wanna befriend your inner ego! If you ask us, this is our favorite VOO release so far.

If you are interested in listening further, the full album titled Brother VOO will be released on October 7th, 2022 in honor and dedication to Andrew Krell. May Andrew be jamming up in heaven!

Listen to The VOO’s single “Me and My Ego” below or give it a full listen on our The Unseen Playlist:

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