My15: Stella Donnelly Shares the Playlist of Songs She’s Had on Repeat Since 2007

It’s Consequence‘s 15th anniversary, and all September long we’ll be sharing artist-curated playlists that reflect the evolution of their music taste throughout the last 15 years. For today’s My15 playlist, Stella Donnelly shares an eclectic selection of her musical obsessions.

Australian indie rocker Stella Donnelly has spent the last few years establishing herself as a powerhouse songwriter, from her 2019 debut Beware of the Dogs to this year’s Flood. Taking on topics like sexism and economic inequality with snarky wit and infectious melodies, Donnelly’s music may often be categorized with her Australian contemporaries, but her songs are entirely her own.

Looking at her curated My15 playlist, the origins of her idiosyncrasies come into focus. Harkening back to her mid-teens, her picks range from System of a Down to Adrianne Lenker. “The easiest way I can describe this playlist is that each of these songs, in this order, were songs I had on repeat for that particular year of my life,” she tells Consequence. “Starting from the age 15 to now.”

Her selection varies in genre and feel, likely representing the many musical phases and obsessions she passed through as she emerged from her teenage years. From listening to “Private Lawns” so much she killed her parents’ car battery to jamming to “Walkin’ Around” during her early tours, Donnelly’s playlist, much like her music, is unapologetically, unmistakably her.

Check out Stella Donnelly’s My15 Playlist below.

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