What do Stranger Things and Hannah Montana have in common? No, it’s not that we have been equally obsessed with both in the past, it’s actually that actor Natalia Dyer has been in both. Yep, you heard us right, the actual Nancy Wheeler in our long-time favorite supernatural thriller began her career with a small role in Hannah Montana: The Movie, alongside Miley Cyrus. That’s what we call an impressive acting range. 

Now, just to recap here so that we are all on the same page at how mega this is, Hannah Montana was one of the most-watched shows ever on the Disney Channel, and it followed the life of Miley Stewart (played by Cyrus) who was seemingly your average high school teenager, aside from the fact that she had a secret life as world-famous pop star Hannah Montana. Pretty believable stuff right?

The series was so popular that in 2009, Disney released Hannah Montana: The Movie, where Miley is forced to reconnect with her hometown after her father, Robby (played by her actual dad, Billy Ray Cyrus) believes her life as a pop star is overtaking her normal life. And the movie was a pretty big deal, grossing $155 million at the box office (so basically two tanks of gas in today’s money).

And in the middle of all this glamour and success, a 13-year-old Natalia Dyer managed to bag herself a role as a British fan of the pop singer.

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This all came to light in an interview with Cosmopolitan, where Natalia looked at highlights from the various projects of her career. When a clip of the Hannah Montana movie came up, the Stranger Things star said: “I was living in Nashville at the time and there wasn’t a lot of big film going on there so when this came through it was like the talk of the town. It was a big deal.”

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