Nayeon’s Louis Vuitton One-Piece in “POP!” Is Actually a Towel

Nayeon of TWICE just made her solo debut with “POP!”, a quintessential summer bop that featured a plethora of looks we’ve never seen on the star before. From a red-hot matching set to a larger-than-life cowboy hat, Nayeon and her styling team went above and beyond — even if it meant getting a little crafty.

In a new video, Nayeon took fans behind the scenes as she prepared for the release of her new EP IM NAYEON. The artist spilled all the details including the story behind a stunning pink one-piece featuring a red Louis Vuitton monogram print, which is more exclusive than you’d have ever imagined.

“So right now, I’m wearing a towel,” Nayeon reveals in the video. Her stylist then explains that the team specifically searched for a beach towel from Louis Vuitton’s S/S 2020 collection and eventually found just one to convert it into a romper for Nayeon. While the styling team thought they would be able to make it with just one towel originally, they were able to find another so that they could ensure that the monogram print matched on both sides of the garment. (You can see the garment still in its towel form in the video below.)


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Nayeon wore the jumpsuit in the music video with a pair of pink lace-up boots, gold hoop earrings, two low buns, and a Louis Vuitton AirPod case strapped around her arm as she pointed out in the behind-the-scenes video. 

Just like its repurposed origin, the piece is the gift that keeps on giving as we see continue to see Nayeon and her team style it in so many different ways. In the teasers, she donned the romper with white furry boots, pink gemstone, gold hoop earrings, side-swept bangs, a high bun, and a big matching bow. For a performance, she sported it with sneakers, knee-high sheer socks with lace trimming, and a braided updo tied with ribbon. 

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