Netflix and Allure Celebrate the Power of Artistry as Self Expression

The renowned stylists also talked about the inspiration behind their work. Linda Villalobos, who styled Kerry Washington’s hair on The School For Good and Evil, explained the actor’s hairstyle. “I wanted Kerry’s character, Professor Dovey, to be lighter, fun. She’s from the good school, not the evil school, so she needed to be more jolly. I also wanted to show texture on her hair.”

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Meanwhile, Jessica Smalls, responsible for red-carpet looks for stars such as Janelle Monae, gave away tips on red-carpet makeup and teamwork. “I never try a new product on the red carpet. I use products that I know, that I’ve tried through and I know how they react in weather, to light, flashbacks.” She added, “When you’re working with a team, collaborate. Everybody doesn’t have to have a moment, It’s not always a make-up moment on the red carpet, I need to play on the back sometimes.”

Noam Galai/Getty Images

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