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by Walter Price

Indie singer/songwriter MasonRoseGray returns with a somber-toned, piano-drive new ballad “iloveyou”. Clearly emotional and filled with relationship conundrums, this track has all the signature pop vibes MRG is becoming known for. And just like many of her previous releases, her true-to-life experiences bleed through.

With the vocals moving back and forth from manipulated to natural, both add to the psychological rollercoaster ride “iloveyou” takes the listener on. But the bottom line is that connectivity is complicated and MasonRoseGray knows how to convey this palpable human experience just about better than any songwriter going today.

And make sure to follow MRG’s socials for info on her forthcoming film short ‘Truth Serum‘ co-starring Felicia Stalzer, described on Instagram as, “a short film created to take you alongside two female characters falling in love.”

You can stream the beautifully complicated ‘iloveyou”, now at the GTC.

MasonRoseGray iloveyou

Artist photo via Twitter // Album artwork courtesy of MasonRoseGray

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