NEW VIDEO: Fleur bleu·e – “Les Étoiles”

Fleur bleu·e‘s new EP, Star, is out now on Pan European Recording.

Fleur bleu·e are a Paris-based duo keen on merging the warm and ethereal sounds of Anglo-American indie pop with the all-cards-on-the-table frankness of the French chanson. For the past few months, Fleur bleu·e have been cutting their teeth in small venues in France, refining their sound and amassing a dedicated following. Now, they’re ready to take the next step. Recently signed by Pan European, the band is now set to release its debut EP Star, out today. After teasing the EP with the songs “Son Visage” and “Pyjama Princess” (10/10 title), Fleur bleu·e are now pushing the lovely “Les Étoiles” as a single.

Ripe with tasteful melodies and jangly guitar licks, “Les Étoiles” is a delightful pop song that showcases its writers’ knack for creating bright, charming tunes with heft and staying power. There’s an early-Smiths quality to this song, and not just in its reverb-soaked instrumentation. The bass takes on the function of a rhythm guitar, while the lead effectively becomes a second singer, adding stitches of melody without taking up too much space. It’s a gorgeous song, and the cheeky Françoise Hardy-like vocals are only the cherry on top of it all.

The band has also put out a music video directed by Ludoviz Azémar. Shot in 16mm, it follows a young woman’s sojourn in Northern France. It’ll make you feel like wanting to live inside an Éric Rohmer film forever, which is as good as a November pick-me-up can possibly get.

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