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Local media monitoring company Novus has announced that it has included TikTok as part of its social media monitoring.

The short-form video hosting service has over one billion active monthly global users and more than 6.4 million South Africans embracing the platform.


Joe Hamman, founder and director of Novus Group said TikTok has become the go-to platform for the world’s youth looking for videos covering any number of genres and tastes.

“It is not difficult to see why it has become one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the market especially among a younger demographic. TikTok is a critical tool for brands looking to position themselves to a new, largely untapped audience.”

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Already, some universities are using TikTok as a tool to upload short lesson snippets while companies are also seeing how the platform can help increase leads and prospects as well as target future clients.


Novus said research has shown that 24% of marketers consider the platform an effective way to achieve business goals.

“Furthermore, the highest-performing videos are typically between 21 and 34 seconds long – perfect for a digital audience looking for interesting short-form content they can identify with.”

Novus added that companies are increasingly turning to social media platforms to monitor and proactively identify potential reputational issues before they reach the mainstream.

“A well-developed social media monitoring programme as the one provided by Novus Group can even tip off decision-makers before a crisis strikes. In addition, monitoring TikTok gives a company insight into their competitors and industry as a whole.”


Novus said the TikTok monitoring service provided by Novus monitors a company’s brands, competitors and campaigns.

“It can also monitor reels, comments, likes, and reposts to provide clients with a greater understanding of the engagement generated by specific posts or campaigns.”  

“Keyword monitoring can be done based on hashtags to ensure brands have a better understanding on which of its marketing content drives the most views and engagements from TikTok followers,” it added.

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