Official Lyric Video NIKKI PAIGE – “Appleman” – Muzique Magazine

This is a lyric video. The song delivers an enticing journey, driven by heart-felt lyrics. The progressive instrumental beat allows the listener to get lost. She hopes to share her original songs that are jarring and impactful in order to bring attention to today’s problems.

Her concept of feeling torn between religions and feeling the pressure of an upcoming war allowed her voice the narrative of big tech. ” Do you want war? Oh what for?”. She wanted to create an anthem for the people. To unify and disassemble their differences.

To share that Apple man can not control us. “Here’s to the fans if they ever hear it. Here’s to that crazy holy sprit. Here’s to the end if we’re really near it. Here’s to thy lord and the ones that fear em’”

A quote from Nikki
“I love God. I was confused at a point. If I believe in one religion, another religion says I’m going to hell. I hated the war. I studied and found God and realized it’s not about that. We shouldn’t go to war over religion. We worship our phones and are fed whatever information big media wants to give. That’s the real beast. Funny. There’s an Apple on them. 👁phones”


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