Sarah: We’ve gotten through a lot already before this. We’re very, very, very close.

Peyton: I’ve always not been aligned with my father’s ideology, so it’s hard to navigate how to support him without humiliating him or making him small. I don’t want to publicly humiliate him or my brother. It doesn’t make sense to people because the reality is a lot more complicated.

TV: Has your dad said anything about whether he regrets his actions or stands by them?

Peyton: I think it’s difficult. He has a self-conflict. I think he regrets how it has affected me, my sister, and my mother.

Sarah: I can’t speak on his behalf, but I do think if he could go back in time he might not have gone, knowing [now] what happened. But he can’t.

TV: Where do you two fall on the political spectrum?

Peyton: I would say I’m a more independent liberal. I get a lot of my perceptions from what I’ve read from [public relations theorist] Edward Bernays and [writer] George Orwell. I resonate a lot with what they say about where we’re going in the future.

Sarah: I can’t put a name on myself. I don’t think too much about politics.… Usually, I say I can see my economic policies being more conservative, but my social policies fall on the left. So I think maybe that’s centrist or moderate.

TV: What is it like having your family be so closely associated with the insurrection?

Peyton: I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

Sarah: As my mother says, you have to grieve without being able to really grieve. Dad was in such limbo with the trial. We didn’t know what would happen. Jackson didn’t see us for so long. We were kinda just there. And we get death threats and horrible comments from one side and support from the other.

TV: Is there anything that brings you hope for your dad’s future and your family’s future?

Sarah: That we’re always gonna stick together.

Peyton: There’s no doubt in that. I know things are going to be okay.

Sarah: And when dad gets out, we’ll be right there with him. And when Jackson comes over, we’ll be right there to hug him. It brings hope knowing that we’re…

Peyton: Gonna be able to hug [our dad] one day and bring him home. We’re lucky to do so. We’re just lucky we’re not grieving his death. We’re grieving the time lost with him.

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