Party Food At Goal!

Post ops who Live at Goal do not ‘have a treat at Grandma’s house’ or convince themselves that chips or pigs in a blanket are okay in moderation or on a special occasion. Instead, they make beautiful food that allows them to maintain their new weight.

There are fresh wonderful choices that tickle the taste buds now that we no longer inhale our food in front of a TV or from the styrofoam container. Make your new choices from protein and healthy carbs. Be happy about the great food you CAN have… don’t be sad about not eating bad choice foods.

You get to eat these delicious foods while standing in the smallest size you have been in over 20 years!

These large party platters are for a gathering of family and friends. Everyone smiles and laughs and eats and shares… no one asks ‘why there are no deep fried wings’ or ‘mini sandwiches’… they just go mmmmm as they eat. This is the kind of food people love to eat.

The Menu!

Mozzarella balls and grape tomatoes

Prosciutto and melon skewers

A Gorgeous tray of cut vegetables for dipping

Cheddar Bacon Ranch Dip (no recipe, Greek yogurt, Hidden Valley Ranch powder, shredded cheddar, chopped crisp bacon)

Fresh Fruit Skewers

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