Party of the Sun and the folk indie translucence of ‘See Space’


“The war is on the shoulder / and mercy backs no one / in wind as harsh as this / Battle is over and mourning is the work / giving the water back to the brook you feel it…”

On the heels of their 2022 EP ‘Capsule II’, New Hampshire’s Party of the Sun have been making the artistic, conscious effort of releasing material monthly. One such release is the translucent ‘See Space’. It feels rustic and airy. Ethan McBrien’s vocal aesthetic, sparse with some words stretched out like elastic, feels reverent like natures melancholia in repose. The drones of sounds, the acoustic textures, tactile, nimble and so beautiful ends all too quickly. 

Party of the Sun is: 

Ethan McBrien – guitars, banjo, keyboards, vocals
Rory Hurley – guitars, keyboards, drums, bass, mandolin

Garrett Cameron – drums, vibraphone, percussion  

“ …we explored new arrangements in preparation for summer shows, the sound is full, it feels good. We track guitar and drums live for this one, a common workflow for the Capsule project. Rory and I arrange as we go. Garrett adds mandolin and vibes a few days later, these textures unlock the piece”

The band’s discography also includes the debut EP Lay Low (2017), debut album Trekker (2019), and Goldenwood EP (2020), and their sophomore album Fullest Hour (2021).

-Robb Donker Curtius


Party of the Sun is a psychedelic folk band from New Hampshire, comprised of Ethan McBrien, Rory Hurley, and Garrett Cameron.

Since 2006, both McBrien and Hurley have recorded and performed together in various projects. Throughout his career, McBrien has always had an interest in folk music; writing many songs influenced by the Americana tradition. In the fall of 2015, McBrien and Hurley began recording this material. These collaborative sessions at McBrien’s home – a small sheep farm in Marlborough, NH – were the impetus of what has become Party of the Sun.

Party of the Sun has been featured in television shows such as Deputy on Fox and Charmed on The CW. They have shared the stage with acts including William Tyler, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Footings, The Weight Band, and more.

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