Paul Weller – The Changing Man My Arse

“Paul Weller just does not care that his face is thirty years older than his hair” the opening line from an unrecorded bordellos song ,yes i know that it is childish but the bordellos are childish and i am sure Paul Weller would not be amused as he is anything else but childish , he in fact is very grown up .very grown up and serious and also deadly boring . Even when he was with the Jam, he was serious and boring ,but then at least he was writing and recording great pop songs and he had the excuse of being an angry young man .now he is just a grumpy old man who takes centre stage with his Tonight Mathew i am going to become Steve Marriot ,act . Yes, a stars in their eye’s version of a more talented artist. How has Paul Weller gone from ripping off the Beatles to ripping off the inferior Small Faces and when did he think this was a good idea ,I Suppose it all started when the Style Council Split up ,yes the Style Council what a great name  and great idea ,he thought i know i will spilt up the biggest band in England form a band with the piano player from the Merton Parkas pretend we are French and wear a Pastel coloured cardigan around my neck and ride on bikes in videos and add a watered down jazz element to our music with a bit of plastic soul and write banal songs about how Maggie Thatcher is a bad egg , which of course did not stop him voting conservative ,He really is not that bright and he really does not have an original thought in his well-groomed head. he decided to split the style council when they released the album “Modernism ” a album that had a deep house influence to album that was a bit of a flop ..Fuck me .he must have thought i cannot be doing with this not selling records lark .i will go back to my roots and reinvent myself as the Modfather and pretend it is 1968 , So the shortly lived Paul Weller Movement was formed ,obviously he then realised the Paul Weller Movement sounded like a toilet break and properly went solo , I am not saying he over the years has not made any good records as he has Wildwood is a pretty good album he went from being Tonight Mathew I am going to be Charles Aznavour to being Tonight Mathew Ii am going to be Steve marriot To being tonight Mathew i am going to be Nick Drake. but since then he has made albums that go from being okay but boring to albums that are just boring . I think in his hearts of hearts he wants to actually make a exciting new album and change things around a bit ,he has skirted around the edge a few times without fully submerging himself in the experimental underground . Maybe it is he is scared of losing his fan base of middle-aged serious music lovers who only buys new music once a year when Paul Weller releases a new album or may splash out on the new album by noel Gallagher and his Dying Swans or  buy a 200-cd set of Revolver. See i think what i hate most about Paul Weller is he is a bit of a musical coward and is a bit scared to move out of his comfort zone ,it makes me laugh how he is called the Modfather ,for what on earth is modern about him he is regurgitating a sound that has been around for sixty years without adding anything new any new excitement he has lost his vim and vigour  , he is just a cardboard cut out ,he has become a brand he is a musical equivalent to washing powder a musical equivalent of a butter a i “i Cannot Believe It Is Not Steve Marriot “. he is a man who has found a sound somebody elses sound i might add and decided to stick with it .no matter how boring he and it has become. ..the Changing Man my arse.. ….plus, why are Mods still called Mods .they might have been modern in 1965 but that was over 60 years ago..  

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