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Logitech Gaming revived its legendary gaming mouse, the G502, with a fresh design and new features to ensure the best possible gaming experience. 

The Citizen’s tech crew were given the G502 X, and we were pleasantly surprised. Give our Podcast a listen, and keep scrolling for the full review.

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Disclaimer: I didn’t have enough coffee in me when we recorded this, and I misspoke at 52 seconds: I meant to say G502 X Lightspeed and not Lightyear. 

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Logitech G502 X review

The iconic lineage now includes the G502 X, G502 X Lightspeed and G502 X Plus.

Sadly, we didn’t get the wireless version to check out, but we still got to experience all the other cool features on the G502x that it offers the avid gamer.

Key features

The mouse boasts Logitech’s first-ever Lightforce hybrid optical-mechanical switches and updated Lightspeed wireless protocol.

In addition, the series also has a 68% faster response rate than the previous generation, along with five onboard memory profiles.

Logitech G vice president, Ujesh Desai, said the reimagined series “elevates the legendary gaming mouse into a new era of play”. 

And let’s not forget the Hyperfast Scroll Wheel, which can either be set to scroll freely in hyperfast mode, or set to a ratcheted mode for precise scrolling. 

Hyperfast is by far my favourite scrolling mode, and the scrolling feature is fully customisable. Simply tilt left or right for two additional, programmable controls. 

Logitech G502 X design

Shaun, Lyle and I all agree on one thing – the G502 X’s casing is cleverly designed to cradle the human hand and ensures the utmost comfort and ease of use. 

Whether you’ll be playing games for orders or getting through a tough workload, rest assured you won’t feel the strain. 

“Ergonomically, it’s a genius design.” 

Photo: Logitech G

Lyle said it’s “much more comfortable if you’re spending hours in front of your screen”, and likened the gaming mouse to a good quality gaming chair: “It might not be needed, but the extra lumber support is great for your back”. 

A gaming test drive

Lyle joked about not getting additional kills when gaming. I maintain that is a skill issue and not a device issue, but we’ll leave it at that. 

While Shaun gave it a lower rating than the rest of the team, he enjoyed the ease of use when playing Live For Speed.

“There’s no other mouse that comes close to it,” he said. “Playing Live for Speed via keyboard was ridiculous, and it’s not easy to lug a controller around.” 

“Having a mouse like this means I could just whip it out whenever I have a few minutes to play a game.”

Best of the three

The downside was the lack of RGB lighting, especially since it’s a standard feature on most gaming mouses these days. That said, the G502 X Plus has RGB. 

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Still, without all the bells and whistles, Lyle feels it is actually the best of the three in this series released by Logitech.

Pricing and Availability

The Logitech G502 X, G502 X Lightspeed and G502 X Plus gaming mouses are expected to be available at retailers from October 2022 at a suggested retail price of:

  • G502 X Gaming Mouse – R 1 499.00 
  • G502 X Lightspeed – R 2 699.00
  • G502 X PLUS Wireless Gaming Mouse – R 2 999.00

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