Pour Me A Tonic: Baby Brave spruces up proceedings with the shake-it-up anthem BOMBATOMIC

Written during those dark days of this horrific pandemic, Baby Brave drops a track so explosive it might cause slight burn marks to appear on our hearts tomorrow and this one is called BOMBATOMIC.

Baby Brave is a North Wales-based indie DIY new wave noise pop band who seems to naturally brings forth a delightfully exciting sound which shall magnify the world’s core.

Fused with a Kylie Minogue-like efficiency to sip on rather elegantly, Baby Brave lead us into better days on this striking new single to love forever. This is a soundtrack to those happier days, to bring back the rays and loosen away those stressful days.

BOMBATOMIC from North Wales-based indie DIY Baby Brave is a summer track to get those smiles blaring for joy again. Rich in love and thrust, packed with loveable vocals, whilst getting us off that couch and into the sunny breeze again.

If you’re looking for a mood changer, this is the cure.

Get the vibes on YouTube and follow the IG page to get further access.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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