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It’s the time of year when many of us like to celebrate the onset of winter by getting our freak on with a spookily-themed bop or two. We already know, however, we will not get a spooktacular offering from Kim Petras, the undisputed queen of Halloween bops, this year. This absence creates a bit of a dilemma? It’s short notice but is there a new, suitably killer pop release out that will bring us the spine-tingling feels we crave? No need to worry about this, electro-pop fiends. LA-based singer-songwriter Linney is unleashing the track “Garden” tomorrow. You can check out the first play of the song, exclusively with us today. I think that the readers among us who have an appreciation for the supernatural will particularly enjoy the ethereal soundscape that “Garden” explores.

Linney is currently undergoing a bit of a musical evolution, which began with her recent single “Run To The Forest“. The shift from magnetic electro-pop releases to channelling dance-floor primed melodic house melodies and ethereal, emotive vocals has been a seamless transition. I know of her catchy, infectious pop offerings since she’s been rising through the ranks for a while. Yet, in “Garden,” she magnificently and spellbindingly raises the bar.

Garden,” asks, how much would you do for the one you love?

“When I first wrote it, it almost felt like I was casting a spell, asking the beloved, will you fight for me? Or will this love end before it even begins? Will you find me? Because I know what lies ahead. Ultimately, the song became an invitation to be loved,” says Linney.

With the production of Malcolm Zeller and Jeff Schoeny, this song is both spine-tingling and dreamy, creating an enthralling and memorable experience.

The song is undoubtedly amazing. It is pop perfection. Fact. There is nothing they could have done to make it better. It is the perfect song to soundtrack Halloween if you ask me. As it gives me the shivers in the best possible way. For those who crave even more spookiness. You should, instead, try, locking the doors and turning off the lights when playing the song. The impact is that Linney’s celestial voice will pierce right through you like a cupid’s arrow stabbing your heart.

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