Pumpkin Time Comes Around Again, with a special tribute to Queen Elizabeth

A farmer from Eye, Suffolk recently gave an early warning that pumpkins won’t be as big as usual this Halloween, due to the hot weather and lack of rainfall.

Pumpkins stop growing in temperatures over 28 degrees, so this year’s hot UK summer means they haven’t had as much time to grow, resulting in smaller fruit.

Freddy Vaudrey said “Sadly we’re not gonna have some of the huge, gigantic pumpkins that we had over previous years.”

However there is a pumpkin farm in Hampshire, Southern England, UK  that has created a huge Paddington Bear mural tribute to the Queen. It is made out of 10,000 pumpkins and squash.
Isn’t it wonderful, read the full story here

grandson with a lovely pumpkin, photo taken in 2014 … wonderful memories

it will soon be time for the 2022 pumpkin

we’ll just have to see how big the pumpkins are

~ and if you may be looking for a pumpkin recipe, how about this one ~

Provencal Pumpkin Tian

lovely Autumn / Fall food

Perfect for this time of year. A creamy starter, or side dish.

It works really well with roast meats and chicken.

see more details/recipe here

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