Pure Order – Sons of Belial –

Hip Hop has always been a genre that is about letting your talent speak. A culture that is unapologetic in its aggression of wanting their artists, to be bold in their pursuit to let their bars do the work. In a time where that can be lost in gimmicks and antics, its always refreshing to hear a master class of lyricism that embodies everything that made Hip Hop a global phenomenon. Pure Order puts on in every way on their new song “Sons of Belial”.

Pure Order puts the culture on notice of their unique commanding style on the new release “Sons of Belial”. The music doesn’t waste a single second grabbing you in, and makes every aspect of the record count to make it all real for the listener. They’re relentless in their approach and bring a style that shakes you up, with hard flows that make them impossible to ignore, met with high grade lyricism that cuts this beat into shreds to give the people, that more they need in music.

Pure Order’s “Sons of Belial” holds no punches and delivers an instant classic that doesn’t slack, to show off their greatness to the world. As soon as you hit play they bring you into their world, that is full of action at every turn, to keep you coming back to catch more gems with each listen of this Hip Hop masterclass.

Check out Pure Order “Sons of Belial” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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