Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe Do Not See Their Near Total Resemblance

Do you think anyone has ever told Reese Witherspoon that she and her daughter Ava Phillippe look like twins? I’m kidding. She’s definitely been told that at least 9 million times before. Like, every time she posts an Instagram picture of the two of them. Even though, according to her, she and Phillippe don’t think that’s true. 

Witherspoon was promoting her new children’s book, Busy Betty, on Today With Jenna & Hoda when asked about her own three kids. Jenna Bush Hager seemingly couldn’t stop herself from observing “Y’all are twins!” in response to a photo of Witherspoon and 23-year-old Ava. “Oh, you think so,” is Witherspoon’s bone-dry response. “Do you see it? She and I don’t see it that much.”


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I’m not going to go around calling Elle Woods a liar or anything, but come on, now! She has to see it, right? She’s even acknowledged it before, telling Vanity Fair in a 2017 red-carpet interview, “I do see the resemblance. She’s a beautiful person inside and out.” The actor continued, “I’m not sure what she thinks. I’m just ‘Mom’ to her. We’re happy to share this wonderful experience. I really have a rich, personal relationship with my daughter. I have a really great career, and it’s nice to be able to share it with my kids.”

Then again, Ava also looks remarkably similar to her father, Ryan Phillippe, whose face shape and coloring happens to also closely resemble Reese Witherspoon’s. You know, it’s genetics, man. 

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