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Another ridiculous Release Day featuring eagerly anticipated from Clutch, Rina Sawayama, Sumerlands and The Mars Volta in addition to our top picks.

Destrage – SO MUCH. too much. (progressive tech metal, mathcore)

Because where else are you going to find the intensity of post-Meshuggah acts like Car Bomb, and Frontier, diverse melodies reminiscent of Sikth and that recent Moon Unit album, and a killer Stone Temple Pilots cover? Destrage have always been an intringuing prospect, to be sure, but this is the first time in their esteemed career that a full album of theirs has tickled my particular fancy enough to have me coming back for more, which probably has something to do with all the killer thrash riffs and skate-punk breaks littered throughout. Paradoxically, SO MUCH. too much. might be the Italian prog outfit’s most eclectic and accessible effort yet, and I’d argue it’s their best as well.


Altars Ablaze – Life Desecration (blackened death metal)

Battlesword – Towards the Unknown (melodic death metal)

Black Angels – Wilderness Of Mirrors (psychedelic rock)

BLACKPINK – Born Pink (K-Pop)

Clutch – Sunrise on Slaughter Beach (southern rock, stoner metal)

Crack Cloud – Tough Baby (post-punk, art rock)

Creature – Chimerapolis (avant-garde metal, trip hop)

Dead Void – Volatile Forms (brutal death metal, death-doom)

Death Cab for Cutie – Asphalt Meadows (indie rock)

Deformatory – Harbinger (brutal death metal)

The Devil Wears Prada – Color Decay (melodic metalcore)

Die Sünde – Strega (post-metal, blackened sludge)

Electric Callboy – Tekkno (crunkcore, electro pop)


Fault Lines – Quiet Sickness (nu-metalcore)

Hamadryas – Grima (nu-metalcore, djent)

Harmed – The Everchanging Gap between Life and Loss (metallic hardcore, nu-metalcore)

Hegemone – Voyance (post-metal, post-black metal)

Hetroertzen – Phosphorus Vol I (black metal)

Hippie Trim – What Consumes Me (grungegaze, post-hardcore)

Industrial Puke – Where Life Crisis Starts (d-beat, crossover)

Innumerable Forms – Philosophical Collapse (death doom)

Into Eternal Skies – Submerged in Time (prog metal, post-rock)

Irist – Gloria (post metal, sludge)

Lava Creations – LC4 (prog metal)

The Mars Volta – The Mars Volta (prog rock, prog metal)

Mindforce – New Lords (hardcore, crossover)

Mortuous – Upon Desolation (death metal)

Mycelia – In A Late Country (prog metalcore, electronicore)

No Devotion – No Oblivion (alt rock, post-hardcore)

Omophagia – Rebirth in Black (death metal, tech death)<

Phobophilic – Enveloping Absurdity (death metal)<

Reliqa – I Don’t Know What I Am (prog metalcore, djent)

Rhys Langston – Grapefruit Radio (abstract hip-hop)

Rina Sawayama – Hold The Girl (electro pop)

Science of Disorder – Apoptose (melodic death metal, groove metal)

Sinnery – Black Bile (death thrash)

Smith/Kotzen – Better Days…And Nights (hard rock, heavy metal)

Spiritus Mortis – The Great Seal (heavy metal, doom metal)

Sumerlands – Dreamkiller (heavy metal)

Tad Morose – March Of The Obsequoius (heavy metal, power groove)

Tribal Gaze – The Nine Choirs (death metal)

Virtual Symmetry – Exoverse (progressive metal)

Weeping Wound – idontbelonghere. (nu-metalcore)

Wolfheart – King of the North (melodeath)

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