Reyn Hartley – Stackin’ By The Plenty

NY-based unsigned artist Reyn Hartley has just dropped a new single titled ‘Stackin’ By The Plenty‘, and it’s probably his greatest work as a songwriter and vocalist so far.

Cinematic strings, elegant piano chords and hypnotic, dark chorus make the pair with a modern songwriting, resulting in a very original blend of classy pop and Z-gen rap. With his 600,000 monthly listeners and over 2 billion views on TikTok, it’s easy to say Reyn is a one to watch.

Speaking about it, he explains: “I learned in therapy that one of my coping mechanisms is to tell myself that people who have hurt me just don’t care about me, it’s easier for me to think that someone doesn’t care, that I’m not good enough and that I’ve failed, than to think that we might of actually really cared for each other and circumstances tore us apart. That coping mechanism formed when I was really young because my family wasn’t around, so I’ve just started to understand it. I pick a “worst case scenario” that I think is really bad and really painful, to subconsciously protect myself from the truth, which is actually even more painful. With “Stackin’ by the Plenty,” I’m protecting myself from the pain of two people loving each other and not being able to be together. That’s the worst kind of pain. It’s much easier to fall back into my old ways and tell myself they just don’t care, I fucked it up, and it’s fine because they’ll forget me anyways.

Stackin’ By The Plenty‘ is taken from Reyn’s highly anticipated debut LP ‘Georgia‘, which will be released later next year.

Sounds like: nobody else

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