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Rina is a Japanese girl born on 16 August 1990 in Niigata. In her musical career, after a few hesitations about using her real surname, she decided to be proud of her origins and be known by her real name, Rina Sawayama, although in her early days she called herself β€˜Riinaβ€˜.

  • Her parents emigrated to London when she was only 5 years old, divorced, so she lived all her childhood alone with her mother, which inspired β€˜Hold the Girlβ€˜ (more on that later πŸ˜™).
  • She went to a Japanese school, so it took her a while to learn English, which complicated her relationship with English boys, provoking episodes of racism during her youth. Everything would change thanks to music.

At 16, he started posting music on MySpace, and formed a hip hop group called Lazy Lion.

Rina Sawayama

Rina went on to study and graduated in Political Science, although she did not practise, focusing instead on music. In 2013, she released her first tracks: Sleeping in Waking and Who?.

  • Later that year, she released the single β€˜Terrorβ€˜.
  • Then, in 2015, β€˜Tunnel Visionβ€˜, and in 2016, β€˜Where U Are β€˜, which explored human interaction with digital media.

She interspersed songwriting with various jobs to pay the bills and a budding modelling career that allowed her to save a little 🏦. That way, she was able to self-finance her first EP, named after her, β€˜RINAβ€˜, released in 2017.

  • Critics ranked it as one of the best pop and R&B albums of the year.

Sawayama would return in 2018 with two new singles, Valentine and Cherry, in which she explores her sexual identity.

  • This would lead to her first tour acros UK, US and Canada.

It was at this time that Rina went public with her sexual orientation. She describes herself as bisexual and pansexual ⚧

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