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Ronco Revival Sound is an album of nostalgia an album of discovering old black and white photos of youth discovering an old pound note down the back of your mother’s old arm chair an album of warmth and glory ,a two fingered salute to the joys of modern living an album COCKS a almighty snoot to the smart phone toting coffee gusling Americanised cloned sheep that pretends to be young today. Ronco Revival Sound is a chart run down from 50 years ago .a call to arms that shares the beauty of hearing an old cliff Richard hit in a old run-down church hall jumble sale. An album that paints a picture when Carry On films where harmless saucy fun and not harmful too the politically correct in any way ,sex was done in person on a touching sensual basis and not by text or via zoom . Yes, indeed an album that captures the magic of when music truly mattered to people when in the school play ground on a Friday you used to discuss who was on the previous night’s Top Of The Pops .Seeing Bowie or Mud or the Buzzcocks or John or Olivia but preferring the Arthur Mullard Hils Baker version. This album is an album of humour of darkness of remembrance an album that will both bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face an album for those of us a certain age will want to be transported back to those days and for those not old enough to experience the joys of those days  will dive straight onto their laptop and straight onto you tube to discover the days when Gary was known for his outlandish attire and even more outlandish fashion sense and not the scary paedophile he turned out to be all along.  Yes Ronco Revival Sound is an album of tarnished glory an album of pure rediscovery and probably the best pop album you will hear this year, has history ever sounded so much like fun. 

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