ROX-TV celebrates the Harvest Season with some new strain reviews. We will be examining Sun Kush, Trop “C”, and Jamaican Kush. It will be a smashing good time. – Rox-TV

Welcome back to the ROX-TV smoke review. Tonight, we will be putting a little touch of the Halloween Season on our regular scheduled programing. I’m a big fan of the Harvest Time and let it bleed into the content. I assume it will happen until November 1st drops so be prepared. We have some really nice samples to talk about tonight and they come from a few different locations and people. The Jamaican Kush comes from my friend Nick repping the 810. The Tropicana Cherry or Trop “C” was made possible by our friends at Flower of Life in Flint, and the Sun Kush was located at the Barn on Bristol Road in Genesee County (810). We have a lot of ground to cover, and time is forever short, so we shouldn’t waste too much time before getting moving…

As always, I will be bringing the readers my best reads on these clever and nice-looking samples. I like to pair up songs with my articles so don’t be alarmed if any show up. I use these songs to let the readers know what kind of vibe I’m feeling as the journey unfolds. They are always placed with consideration, no matter what article I’m writing. If you’ve been following along for the last two years, then it should be no surprise at all. Music is basically like a drug to me at this point and I literally have to have a taste every day. It can be worse on weekends but who’s keeping score? So anyway, as the Season of the Pumpkin slowly creeps over the State of Michigan, ROX-TV will keep you up on the latest smoke floating around my area.

The rules of the smoke review are pretty simple and as a general rule pay particular attention to the presentation (visual), aroma, taste, immediate and latent effects, and anything else that is worth mentioning. The rules are guidelines really and are more jurisdictional than anything else. Remember this is only my perspective on the strains. We are all unique and different and probably will never truly experience life like anyone else, so keep that in mind. Without further to do…let’s dance.

“Every town has an Elm Street”

Freddy Krueger

With so many cool choices to pick from, I decided to just grab one without looking. I figured that would be the fairest way of moving forward. The first sample just so happened to be the Trop Cherry, which was more than fine with me. The goods were provided by my friends at Flower of Life in Flint. They specialize in organic flower and if you remember, we previously reviewed J-Bogg and Purple Haze a little while back. Their products are bullet proof and a real pleasure to tango with (that’s for you Z). So anyways, the first victim had been selected and faced the grinder for a certain death by shredding and eventual incineration.

Strain: Tropicana Cherry

Form: Flower

Method: Joints

Origin: Flower of Life

So, this strain has been on my mind for the last couple of months. I first heard about it when I was down in Hazel Park (Michigan). There had been word of a strain that was coming through called Trop “C” or Tropicana Cherry. I guess in my mind, I associate anything with the word cherry in it as something good. Cherry has always been a favorite flavor of mine especially when it comes to 1980’s American Sugar Bombs. So right from jump street, I was intrigued. Also, the name Trop “C” really was catchy and seemed to stick in my mind for some reason. Certain names and words are like that I suppose. So anyway…I missed my chance in Hazel Park, but the universe was going to toss this strain back at me for a second chance. Flower of Life in Flint Michigan had recently kicked me down a sample, so redemption was in reach. I was excited and couldn’t wait to get into it.

My initial reaction to the presentation was very positive. The buds were nicely trimmed and dried to perfection. The purple tones really come through strong and makes the bud look appealing and unique. It’s the kind of smoke you whip out at a party to impress strangers with. As far as aroma was concerned, the flower scored a very high score with its fragrance as well. To me (and we are all different), as I took numerous whiffs of the flower, was able to smell what seemed like a distinct tropical punch almost type of smell. It might not be a perfect description but at the moment, it’s all I can come up with. Maybe if you could imagine a cherry drink box or pouch, with a dab of Hawaiian Punch to go along…in my mind, that’s what I’m coming up with. I could be crazy from years of partying but that’s the best I can do.

I took a few “dry” drags to also get a feel for the taste, and it was the same effect, only more pronounced. I applied the flame and got the circus moving. The smoke was indeed smooth and flavorful which I was expecting anyway. The Flower of Life doesn’t screw around, and their products hit every time I’ve got hip to them. This is the third strain sample I’ve tried from them, and quality seems to be the way of it…so well done. 333,89.

“You play a good game boy, but the game is finished, now you die”

The Tall Man

The smoke filled the room and danced with the sun light coming through the window. I smoked the entire joint without really thinking about it. My mind was wandering a little bit and I figured there was a Sativa dominant thing going on. I hadn’t read any reviews prior to smoking because I didn’t want to taint my experience with pre-conceived notions. No, it had to be a legit read, otherwise what the hell are we doing here with this article? I take reviews seriously and you will be able to tell if I’m not feeling something, even if it’s in between the lines. The Trop “C” was the real deal. The first wave reminded me of a Sativa high, but after a few minutes, my body began to buzz softly with that THC current.

This flower produced a very easy smoking experience, which I would say was smooth. The high was nice, but also manageable. I could imagine this strain being used when relief was needed, but things still had to get done. This would be a great strain for a housewife/househusband who had to wash the dishes, cut the grass, or entertain at a dinner party. There was enough fun with control for just about anything that needed to get done.

On the medical side of things, I would recommend this strain for relief from anxiety, stress, or just to take the edge off. A sore back wouldn’t be a bad ailment to treat with the Trop “C” either. So, whether rec or med, this one is a winner in my book. I hate to judge a book by its cover, but it’s ok with this strain because it lived up to the billing.

The next strain in the slow march to nirvana was the Sun Kush from The Barn (3491 E. Bristol Road, Burton MI). I dug the name and had been in the market for a hybrid that hit high. As always, a body buzz to boot is just an extra win. So, I was rolling through the doors of The Barn and feeling pretty positive. I was drawn to a glass jar of nicely trimmed nugs. The name was Sun Kush, and my mind was made up.

The THC clocked in at 20%. This was another strain that I hadn’t crossed paths with before but held my attention. Just like with Trop “C”, the Sun Kush evoked these interesting images in my mind. Almost like a Mayan temple in the morning, just as the sun is rising in the distance. The rays of light causing you to go blind around areas not blocked out by the stone temple. (Author’s Note: If you couldn’t tell by now, the smoke was burning in my hand in between keystrokes. So, the wordy-ness might indicate my state of mind under the Sun Kush)

The review for this strain has lasted four days now and I’m taking all of that time into account as I describe my experience. Because I had this strain longer than the others listed above, I was able to get a multi-day read on it. As far as presentation goes, the nugs were dried properly and trimmed right. The clusters of green gold were as hard as a rock when squeezed. The aroma for this one was harder for me to place. I planned on reading some reviews of the strain after feeling it out for myself… to see what other people were coming up with. I didn’t want to cloud up the results reporting with those blasted pre-conceived notions (which are horrible). So that is that. To me, and me alone…the Sun Kush smelled citrus-e with a secondary tone beneath the citrous funk. I would call that another type of funk and together they made sweet funky magic. Someone in the room suggested that it smelled like “newer age” weed. I think that is interesting and wonder myself. Alot of these newer strains do have a familiarity in their aroma that I don’t associate with the older stuff we used to smoke in the 1990’s. An interesting perspective that is worth looking at again, perhaps in another article. Anyways back to the testing.

Strain: Sun Kush

Form: Flower

Method: Joints

Origin: The Barn

The smoking portion of this test is well enough. I didn’t even think about it, so it was really smooth. I instantly feel some action in the head region, my ears are buzzing, my eyes are red, and it is a pleasant experience. Before the first joint was completely consumed, I could notice that I was high. There was some pull of gravity on my ass, but I wasn’t in a coma either. It was heavy enough to be useful but not so much that it brought the night to a close, prematurely. Obviously, I can still type so that is a bonus. Some strains don’t allow for typing, but this one had the green light.

So, the effects hit fairly quickly, like many do…and I admired the bag of nugs, while trying to capture of the essence of this smoke. I will say this, there are some heavy eyes with this one. I could almost close my eyes and fall asleep if I wanted to. The body is experiencing some nice relief as well. Sounds are more interesting, and colors just look perfect. I have “Creepshow Part 2” on the tv, droning on at a low volume. On a side note, the Creepshow 2 animation is just out of this world. I’ve always believed it to be magical, whenever I watched those opening scenes. Once the spooky truck driver turns into a cartoon, I’m one hundred percent down for the cause.

I suppose this strain would be good for relaxing after a long day on your feet. You know the days when the bottoms of your feet are throbbing. This is the cure for that indeed. Over the last couple of days, I really got to dive deep with this strain, and it was a great trip. I don’t really feel like doing much, but my thoughts are pretty cool. I seem to be thinking about everything and nothing all in the same breath. Pondering a doorknob is just as interesting as thinking about something I did last week. Not bad at all.

I suppose as far as medical goes, I would recommend this for sleep trouble, the usual stiff joints, muscles, and stress. The rec side of that is to use this strain just because. The effects are quick enough and for the record…this is another really solid smoke. I will be paying The Barn a visit in the near future for more of the Sun Kush.

“To see him striding along the profile of a hill on a windy day, with his clothes bagging and fluttering about him, one might have mistaken him for the genius of a famine descending upon the earth, or some scarecrow eloped from a cornfield”

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

*************************************Break in testing due to hours in a day******************************

Welcome back to the conclusion of this Harvest Season edition of the ROX-TV Strain Series. Due to foreseeable shortness of the night and critical mass levels of smoke, there was a break in the action. The testing of the samples could no longer move forward, but it’s the morning time now and the action is back on. I left off with a late night of the Sun Kush. It was a nice experience.

Writing an article about weed is more time consuming than normal. I don’t like to cheat any of the strains out of their time to shine, so I start fresh before each testing and don’t cross the wires (Thanks Ghostbusters) either. It makes for a more honest review, but also slows down the process somewhat. Where a normal article might take three hours of steady work, a smoke review is forced to take as many days as needed to accommodate the strains. I guess it’s a nice problem to have. I seem to be rambling again and so anyways…

The next strain invited to the party would be Jamaican Kush. This is a strain that was provided by the wonderful gardens of my friend Nick810 booming out of Genesee County Michigan. He recently kicked me down some great samples and it’s a beautiful thing. We should get moving again…

Strain: Jamaican Kush

Form: Flower

Method: Joints

Origin: Nick810

The testing picked back up and away we went. The nugs had a nice aroma which came across as classic Americana mid to late 1980’s weed. You know the kind that you encountered as a kid (if you have been around long enough) that had that very specific smell to it. My uncles aways smoked some pretty respectable smelling weed in the mid to late eighties. They were rock and rollers with long hair, factory jobs at General Motors in Flint, and to me…were the coolest cats on earth. On Sundays the family would convene in Beecher on West Harvard Street for a day of good times. The men drank beer and smoked joints, while playing poker of course. The women kept an eye on the sixty thousand grandkids running around, and the glory of youth was in full bloom. This weed smells like the same stuff those guys puffed on all those years ago. I think that’s a wonderful thing. Other than music, weed is the only other thing that is really easy to clock time with. I guess you could argue food or perhaps booze, but weed seems to really bring back the vivid memories and feels of long ago. So anyways…

I fired up some joints and went to work. This was after all, some serious business and needed my full attention. I suppose someday I will work in another “rule” to these pieces and describe the time of day and the light conditions. Last night was in the dark mostly, which presents its own type of vibe…but today’s trip to Jamacia was conducted in the morning hours, where things are bright and open feeling. In a perfect world, I could test both for each strain but that would take a bit longer than I currently have for these projects.

I smoked half a joint and started typing again. I can still run the keyboard so that is helpful for this content building. I felt my eyes click down a rolls, and I became relaxed. The onset took slightly longer than average but was well worth the wait. I don’t mind waiting a few more minutes for the kick if it is good. “Give him the kick” (thank you Inception). As the effects came more into focus, I was pleasantly stress free. I found myself admiring the sun light coming in through the windows and knew that the strain was working well.

Once you been smoking for a while, a person can get really in tuned with their own bodies in regard to the experience. For me, it’s like what I was talking about just a second ago…staring off into nothing or enjoying a sun beam are classic examples of points on map charting out my high. I use them as markers. When I see things that reflect previous experiences, I take note and mentally map how I got there, and perhaps how I could get back to that point again.

“Smoking in the morning is perhaps one of the coolest self-indulgences a person could have”


The smoke was nice and easy, a very smooth experience. Nick810 knows what he’s doing, and it shines through with the quality of the flower. I haven’t had Jamaican Kush before, at least it doesn’t ring a bell, but to me…it has a similar experience to what I was getting from a good Sativa. You know that mental surfing that I enjoy so much, it was all here, with a smile on my face. For some reason when I hear Jamaican Kush, it seems to say Indica and couch lock. But it was almost the opposite in terms of use. Perhaps the term Kush which I associate with Indica no longer has the same meaning. Words can change over the years, and I find that interesting. Sometimes what they once meant, has taken on a new dynamic, almost like a second life (in the life of a word if there is such a thing, the evidence suggests it though at least from my perspective). If you’ve ever smoked a “square” than you already know what I mean.

The smoke came through with a feeling that the grower took great care in the process, and I think that is really honorable and something to respect. People who care about crafting the best flower that they can should be applauded because it truly is a skill that few master. I would smoke this strain again, and again, and again. For the record, I only fuck with things that work (not once, but most of the time) consistently and deliver what I’m looking for. This is a good one for the collection.

That’s all the time we have for this article. Please keep coming back for more reviews, unique items, and things we find interesting. Until next time…be kind and respectful to friends and strangers alike. You never know how much a nice word or action could lift someone’s spirits. It’s cool because it feels nice and is also the right thing to do, so how can you go wrong with that.

Signing Off,

Mike Shepard 

ROX-TV Head Writer

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