Ruby Waters Offers Insight to Deal With Life When Sh*t Happens on Open Arms – Neon Music – Digital Music Discovery & Showcase Platform

Life can be sh*t sometimes, and while there is no sure fix, Ruby Waters offers good insight on her new single Open Arms. A warm and reassuring song with tender lyrics and melodies to brighten up the gloomiest days. Open Arms is deceptively simple, though that is where it is most triumphant, with the authenticity derived from relatable lyrics, vocal delivery, and guitar acoustics.

I wrote “Open Arms” in Spain last spring at a song writing camp I was lucky to be invited to. The song came so naturally. [It’s] about how I like to deal with shit, my outlets, and how to handle the ups and downs. It doesn’t always have to be a weakness or a problem to be depressed or overwhelmed, it can sometimes just be a part of life, and however you cope with it isn’t something to be ashamed of”. – Ruby Waters

Open Arms is a much-needed uplifting song. God knows it’s easy to want to curl up on the couch and wallow in misery. However, sometimes all you need to make yourself feel better is Open Arms.

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