Sabaton “Father” (2022)


 “Father of toxic gas and chemical warfare”, no surprises here, more plain faced descriptions and tunefully cheesy lyrics. Sabaton have returned with additional songs from this World War I themed era of theirs, which I have enjoyed immensely. Its the first of a few EPs to be packaged with additional tracks from The Great War and The War To End All Wars. Although only hosting one new song, the grouping of relevant tracks is a niche touch, another reason to their music once again.

Father is dedicated to Haber Fritz, a figure well worth learning about. Creator of synthesized crop fertilizers and chemical weapons he has brought about both suffering and flourishing for humanity on a grand scale. He is given a somewhat ambiguous reception by the band. The song has a soft lurching darkness and sinister tone as its guitars take a subdued roll, letting its symphonic tones roar. It pivots to quite an uplifting reprisal, led on by a brief guitar solo, the vocals roll into a brief swooning. Perhaps these contrasts are reflective of the scientists contributions to humanity. Weight is certainly put on the suffering he caused. Its a reasonable song, fitting snugly into their current focus. Can’t wait to hear more on the coming EPs!

Rating: 4/10

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