Samantha Gibb Sings With Empowering Conviction on “Sorry, Not Sorry”

Reflecting on growing up and the mistakes of her past, Samantha Gibb is unapologetic and self-assured on her newest alt-indie release.

With sass, spunk and candid reflection, Samantha Gibb’s “Sorry, Not Sorry” provides listeners with the very real pretense of sifting through the past while attempting to learn from it. Finding stability after a tumultuous past, the alt-indie artist sings unapologetically about the mistakes of her past and how they’ve helped her grow.

“‘Sorry, Not Sorry” is a song about growing up and growing apart from a relationship that might not have been good for you, but how ultimately the experience helped you grow,” she explains.

Versatile in essence, Gibb explains that the track is personally about the relationship she has with her hometown of Miami Beach, FL. Leaving the relationship for which she sings about open-ended, listeners are able to interpolate their own experiences into the narrative of the track and find their own meaning.

The production on the song allows Gibb’s sultry vocals to shine atop an amalgam of ethereal harmonies. Creating a juxtaposition between bouncy bass and a soft keyboard melody, “Sorry, Not Sorry” strikes an intriguing balance genre-wise.

“I can’t tell, were you to blame or me?” she sings, “If me, I need to say I’m sorry, but maybe I’m not sorry.” In this way, Gibb is choosing herself and finding empowerment despite her turbulent past.

With conviction she finds that at the end of the day, maybe she isn’t sorry for where she might have been to blame. The mistakes were a necessary rite of passage to become the woman she is today.

“I hope people can listen to the song and feel that although we don’t always make the best choices, we can always make better ones.”

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