Saudi investment ‘will create jobs in Northern Cape’ – Ramaphosa | The Citizen

President Cyril Ramaphosa is promising jobs to the people of Northern Cape, saying they stand to benefit from massive investments, including renewable energy projects funded by Saudi Arabia.

Ramaphosa told a crowd of residents who gathered for his fifth Presidential imbizo in Upington that Saudi Arabian investment was the outcome of his recent visit to that country.

He said the fact that half of the Northern Cape population depended on social security grants for their livelihoods indicated the government’s determination to support poor communities.

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“We are one of those countries in the world that has done quite a lot to look after the welfare of our people,” Ramaphosa said.

Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga said despite budget constraints, special education still remained a huge challenge for her department. It was hardest hit by an acute shortage of skills and, particularly, special education teachers.

One disgruntled resident, Dineo Ramela, told Ramaphosa she had been struggling for the past nine years to acquire her identity document from the home affairs department.

“Every single day they say they will call me back but they have been ‘calling’ for the past nine years now. I do not know what to do any more,” she said.

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“I have provided them all necessary papers but still nothing. This is stopping me from moving forward because I cannot do anything without them. I am not from this area, but I took this opportunity because this was the only chance I got.”

Martina Baartman said: ”We have been complaining about service delivery here and no one cared to listen. Municipal officials ignore us every time we raise our concerns.”

A resident, Pieter Moolman, said Ramaphosa must deal with incompetent officials.

“Every time we complain about service delivery they ignore us. We are not getting services here,” he said.

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