Scientists of Sound: Dizzy – Barking Dog (Official Video)

Credit: Boy Wonder

Ontario’s Dizzy have made their excellent return today with the dazzling new single, ‘Barking Dog’. Soft to start, the track’s slow build is a pin-point cathartic release as swirling angelic vocals soon meet crashing percussion and its driving energy in a wondrous explosion of sound. Singer Katie Munshaw leads Dizzy into its next chapter donning a striking, sinister mask, worn as a middle finger to an industry which places so much undue importance on appearance. “I’m a very anxious and sensitive person. Thinking about taking a bunch of photos and videos of myself, especially after two years in isolation, felt a bit shocking and scary, and like something I didn’t really want to do,” she explains. “I find it strange how musicians are often introverted people, yet one of the largest parts of our job is visually selling ourselves to an audience. It feels unnatural to pine for strangers’ attention to afford rent or whatever, and as someone who’s particularly sensitive, it isn’t sustainable. To me, the mask not only represents a calloused version of myself but it lends itself to an anonymity that I love. A Jane Doe of sorts. I like the idea of a female artist making the conscious decision to take her appearance out of the question for the audience.” Take a listen/watch below.


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