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While load shedding isn’t a new phenomenon to South Africans, the last few months with it having escalated to a daily occurrence, has Mzansi fed-up trying to organise their lives around Eskom’s inability to keep the country’s lights on.

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How to balance your laundry schedule with load shedding:

Bronwyn Ragavan, brand manager for Personal Touch suggests the below tips to create a laundry schedule so you’ll have clean undies for work every day.

  • Know when your electricity is going to be off, and just to be safe check the schedule for one stage up. By knowing the times, you can start planning. Apps such as EskomSePush are up-to-date and come in handy when wanting to familiarise yourself with your load shedding schedule for your area.  
  • The weather also needs to be checked. This way you can use the warm, summer sun to dry your clothes and not rely on the tumble dryer. This will also reduce your electricity costs.
  • Night-time washing may need to become part of your routine, especially if you are not home during the day. It may not be ideal, but at least it is one less thing for you to worry about the next day.
  • Prioritise what needs to be washed first – school and work uniforms, socks and underwear etc. – as this will guarantee that you have essential items ready when needed. Some items such as denims don’t need to be washed after every use, so this will reduce your laundry load. Pyjamas can also be worn twice before washing.
  • Plan on which outfits you may want to wear during the week. By doing this you will ensure that you don’t have to wash and reuse any of your clothes that week.
  • Try and choose textured fabrics to wear such as denim and tweed. These fabrics don’t need ironing and, therefore, can be washed, dried and ready to wear when needed.

“Making a schedule for when to wash your clothes used to just be about picking the day, but now it is about picking the day, the time and the optimal weather,” says Ragavan.

“But a laundry schedule can help you save time and help you still look good during load shedding. Let’s not forget that South Africans will always find a way.”

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