Sober Dead Drunk or Alive – Rora Wilde | Review

Rora Wilde’s vocals on her new single ‘Sober Dead Drunk or Alive’ are absolutely BREATHTAKING. Not only is this song beautiful vocal and production wise but the songwriting is incredible.

Rora Wilde is based in Los Angeles, CA. She began singing at 6 years old and fell in love with music. Over the years, Wilde has tried her hands at different genres including alternative rock, synth pop, indie folk and even country – looking to find a sound that represents her as an artist. Today, she’s know for her powerhouse vocals on her Alternative Pop/R&B songs.

Hearing this song one time instantly connects anyone who’s been in a situation-ship where the other person couldn’t decide what they wanted. This is such a common occurrence in the dating scene especially in Los Angeles. The lyrics paint such a beautiful picture of what’s going on as well “Sober dead drunk or alive, you don’t know what you want, baby not on my time, gun to your head – you’d be dead – cause you couldn’t decide, I can’t relate, I’m okay I’m gonna be I’m gonna be alright” It’s also such a power move to say you don’t know what you want but I can’t relate to that.

Also the bridge has such an amazing play on words while also being so sonically pleasing. “I want you to stay, but I need you to go, I want you to stay but I think you should go, I want you to say, that you’d never go” It shows that struggle of being in a relationship and not wanting it to end even though you really care for the person but you know it will be better if they do leave.

Rora Wilde is incredible and I personally cannot wait to see what is next for her. I’ll be bumping this song until the end of time.

Written by Heather Kathryn

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