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  • Sony Music Group Celebrates Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month ‘22
  • Oct 15, 2022

There are over 25 Hispanic and Latino nations in the world, each with their own food, music, heritage and culture. To honor the diversity, achievements and contributions of the Hispanic and Latinx community worldwide, Sony Music Group proudly celebrated this Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month with the theme, “Somos una comunidad, esta es nuestra voz / We are a community, this is our voice.” 

Below, read about how Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month came to life at Sony Music Group. 

The Design: Let’s Break It Down 

Sony Music Group’s Talent Advisory Group (TAG), SOMOS, led the design and programming for the entire month. As SMG’s representative for the Hispanic and Latinx communities both inside and outside of Sony, SOMOS helped develop a theme that could inform the design—which was later created by David Santana—that best represented the Hispanic and Latinx community across the globe.  

A vibrant color palette was used to represent the different colors of Latin nation flags, to symbolize the liveliness of the unique cultural traditions within Hispanic and Latinx communities, and to showcase the colors seen in many traditional clothing of their indigenous cultures. 

The wide array of instruments incorporated were a nod to music’s significance not only to our company, but also to Hispanic and Latin American history. Plus, what’s a celebration without music? 

How Sony Music Group Celebrated the Month 

From learning salsa and bachata to the importance of representation in music and media, Sony Music Group teammates took part in a variety of company-wide activations dedicated to celebrating and empowering the Hispanic and Latinx community.  

One event featured a conversation moderated by award-winning journalist and motivational speaker Mariana Atencio, with actor, producer and activist Wilson Cruz. Cruz reflected on his career and emphasized how powerful media representation has been for himself and others in minority communities. 

“To this day, I will get a message on social media or on the street where someone will tell me that I was the first time they saw themselves on screen and felt like they weren’t alone,” Cruz explained. “To give that comfort and solace to a community, especially to young people of color, is the one thing I will forever be proud of and grateful for.” 

Teammates in our New York City office also had the chance to gather in-person to celebrate the month with food, drinks and special performances. The Orchard kicked off our celebrations with a special performance by Gulf Coast Soul band The Suffers, and Sony Music Group closed out the month with rising Puerto Rican singer and songwriter from Sony Music Latin Gale.  

A huge thank you to all the people who enriched Sony Music Group’s Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month celebrations this year: 

And a special shoutout to SOMOS for taking lead in programming the month’s events, and for all its efforts to make this year’s Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month at Sony Music Group so special. 

Our Continued Support for the Hispanic and Latinx Community 

Through Sony Music Group’s Global Social Justice Fund, we continue to partner with organizations dedicated to supporting the Hispanic and Latinx community—like the Guadalupe Musalem Fund, whose mission is to support the education of young women from rural, indigenous and Afro-Mexican communities. 

“Our young graduates are paving the way in their communities and are dedicated to advancing women’s rights,” said Martha Aparicio Rojas, Chair of the Board of Directors for the Guadalupe Musalem Fund. “Some have excelled in the public space and received recognition for their activity in favor of their community.” 

Check out the Global Social Justice Fund Impact Report to learn more about the Guadalupe Musalem Fund. 

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