‘Support communities, get young people ready’: EFF’s roadmap to 2024 elections

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) held its 3rd Provincial People’s Assembly Of The North West on Saturday.

The keynote address was delivered by the party’s national chairperson, Zovuyo Veronica Mente, who called on members to “bring a solution on how we get to 2024 successfully”.

EFF plan for the 2024 elections

‘Know each other’

Mente said it’s vital for councillors and party members to “know each other”. The party should function as a unit that understands its “human resources and ground forces”.

She stressed the importance of being committed to South Africa’s communities and supporting communities wherever possible.

People join willingly. […] If they don’t see you, why should they join?

“We are here for the people. For the organisation to reach that 1 000 000 membership, is when the visibility and commitment to the community you are in, is working”.

Strengthen wards

Mente said it would impossible to win a province “if you can’t win a ward”.

“A branch that is not united and working together, is a branch that is taking the progress of other branches backwards”.

She called on ward councillors to strengthen wards and work together: “For a branch to move forward, all subregions need to work in unity”.

Focus on the youth

Therefore, as of today, she told ward councillors to focus on “registering South Africans and young people” to strengthen the individual wards.

“Assist the student command, get the young people registered, that’s where the EFF votes are.”

“When you go back home, you call a BCT meeting, and ask yourself, are we contributing towards the #EFF 1 Million Membership Campaign”.

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