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Baltimore singer-songwriter Suzannah shares solo debut record, Is There Any Love In Your Heart, weaving a sonic tale on themes of forgiveness and redemption, grace and mercy. Having made three LPs that were never release, this latest record becomes her first full-length to grace our ears, stocked with experimental sonics and production techniques.

Speaking of the stunning record, she says, “I wanted it to be sonically pretty and warm with some depth to the lyrics. I experimented with different styles of poetry, from direct to more abstract, sparse to more lyrically dense, storytelling to introspective.”

Framed by an old country twang, Suzannah’s musical taste is a smooth combination of the country music stalwarts like Emmylou, Waylon, Dwight and Gram alongside her personal leaning towards an addictive hook and thoughtful song writing. She also admits to loving the rhythm and rich cadence of hip-hop musicians though she doesn’t claim to lean into the sound.

In short, she explains her artistry as it stands now as “a phase in my writing where my initial inspiration is still there coupled with whatever craft I’ve picked up along the way,” with this latest body of work being the perfect amalgamation of all her classic influences and mainstream interests.

Thematically an exploration of facing things bigger than yourself or the vulnerability of having being hurt on the journey of life and of drowning in darkness only to come out the other side,Is There Any Love In Your Hearthas been crafted to be your solace, comfort and companion through every moment – whether life-changing or mundane.

Suzannah says, “I feel like this is a record that will find people when they need it to. When I think about the music that’s resonated the most with me throughout my own life, it’s always been music that has served as good background music. That is music that I’ve been able to put on and do my own thing to, whether that’s dance, clean the house, drive around, share a good time with a friend, or think about my own hopes, wants and dreams.”

Perfectly crafting a sonic world built upon layered harmonies, this album is made to resonate with anyone listening, regardless of the varied and unique life experiences that we’re each made of, laying down the path for an an eclectic yet unifying musical journey.


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