Sydney Sweeney Is Going to Space… Kinda

Sydney Sweeney keeps expanding her acting resumé, and her newest role might be her most iconic yet. Announced by Deadline on October 11, the Euphoria star is set to lead and executive produce an upcoming Barbarella reboot for Sony Pictures. 

Barbarella is a heroine created by French writer and illustrator Jean-Claude Forest in the early ‘60s. She was the protagonist of the science fiction comic book of the same name, which garnered attention for its explicit nature. The comics served as inspiration for a 1968 film directed by Roger Vadim and starring actress and activist Jane Fonda, which turned the space traveler from niche heroine to pop-culture phenomenon. (As Variety notes, Vadim’s film was not a box office hit back then, but it is now widely regarded as a cult-classic.)

Jane Fonda as Barbarella in 1968’s Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy

Courtesy Everett Collection

The White Lotus star will also be executive producing the film through her own production company, Fifty-Fifty Films. Per insiders, the new Barbarella adaption is still in development, so no names other than Sydney’s are attached to the project yet. However, Sydney herself confirmed the news on her Instagram account shortly after Deadline’s report was published. She posted a snap of Jane Fonda in the 1977 reissued poster for Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy, as well as a screenshot of the announcement. “Time to save the universe,” the actor wrote in her caption.

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