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T Shan, a New York City-based singer and songwriter, portrays an unfeigned ballad in the new song ‘Your Man’.

Born Tianlang Shan and brought up in China and USA, he entwines his native customs and life encounters. While integrating it into music, Shan fuses pop, hip-hop, and house to give rise to an idiosyncratic sound and his avowal lyricism.

At the age of fifteen (15), following a debut take on rapping, Tianlang set aside his singing skills. Influenced by the likes of Frank Ocean, Joji, and boy band Brockhampton, T Shan uncovered a preferential flow for rhymes and schemes. Since its inception, the proficient vocalist has garnered over a million all-time streams and two million YouTube views.

In 2019, Tianlang made his first appearance on the 14-track solo rap album 4th Ave’. Coming after is: ‘Friday Night,’ ‘JJ’ and ‘BlueMo2n’. A year later: ‘Ghost,’ ‘BDSM,’ ‘Cosplay,’ ‘Alone, Together, and the extended play ‘Spectrums’ was released. Shan’s expertise also contemplates the ups and downs of present-day fondness and affection.

On his latest offering, ‘Your Man,’ T Shan allocates compassion and sincerity into an art narrative. The 3-minute piece produced by 8ROKEBOY, depicts healing, love, and freedom. It is off his forthcoming project ‘Flowers & Spice,’ due next year in January.

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