Type 1 leaflet in public clinics – South Africans with Diabetes

Alongside the diabetes basics leaflet we developed, we also created a leaflet specifically for those living with Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 leaflet – TIME This Type 1 leaflet in public clinics should help those who need to manage insulin injections – it’s the second layer of foundational diabetes education. It is designed to work … Read more

Healthy Food Guide distribution – South Africans with Diabetes

We created this free Healthy Food Guide to help people with diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol make healthier choices. It’s also useful if you want to lose weight. Distribution is an essential part of what makes the Healthy Food Guide work. We send free printed copies to anyone who asks for them, anywhere in … Read more

Zulu King urges South Africans to join hands and protect women and children | The Citizen

Zulu King Misuzulu kaZwelithini on Saturday took part in the National Men’s Day walk against gender-based violence and femicide, pledging his commitment to protect women and children. The walk and conference was organised by the GoodMen Foundation in collaboration with Queen Ntokozo Mayisela-Zulu’s Kamaskolo Foundation in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. Addressing men and women gathered at Kingsmead … Read more

Most South Africans need about two thirds of salary to pay debts – report | The Citizen

Most income groups need about two thirds of their take home salary to pay their debts and with no meaningful increase in real income, the combination of rising interest rates and inflation is choking consumers who are borrowing more in an attempt to find breathing space. According to DebtBusters’ 2022 Debt Index for the third … Read more

South Africans have too little life and disability insurance | The Citizen

The most recent study on life and disability cover by the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (Asisa) indicates that the untimely death of a breadwinner, or an accident that leaves them disabled, will be a true disaster for most families in SA. The typical wage earner simply does not have enough life insurance … Read more

Wear Blue for Diabetes this World Diabetes Day (November 14th) – South Africans with Diabetes

Let’s come together to create awareness around diabetes in our schools and communities. Let’s #WearBlueForDiabetes! The idea Whether you’re a person living with diabetes, a carer of someone living with diabetes or a friend or family member, we want you to join us in wearing blue to create awareness for diabetes. Invite your school, workplace … Read more

Diabetes Donation Drive – South Africans with Diabetes

What do you do with your unused and unwanted diabetes supplies? Diabetic Accessories have launched a Diabetes Donation Drive to distribute them to people in need. Lyn from Diabetic Accessories, along with other NPOs, are accepting any donations for underprivileged people living with diabetes across South Africa. They collect unwanted and unused diabetes products from … Read more

South Africans too distracted by political soap operas to deserve actual democracy | The Citizen

The political game in South Africa, with all the alliances, coalitions and internal party politics is extremely complex. Throw in an increase of middle management incompetence and there should be no surprise at how the functional systems of yesteryear, racism aside, just feel like there’s no recovery on the books. If you were to ask … Read more

15 things diabetes taught me – South Africans with Diabetes

To celebrate 15 years of diabetes, Sweet Life’s co-founder Bridget McNulty shares 15 things she’s learnt from having diabetes… “I never know exactly how to celebrate a diaversary (a diabetes anniversary). Some years I buy myself a treat – a cupcake or an ice-cream, something I wouldn’t ordinarily eat without a special occasion. Some years … Read more