Not ‘Finger Lickin Good’ as KFC apologises for Nazi ‘Kristallnacht’ promotion | The Citizen

It was not ‘Finger Lickin Good’ for KFC after the fried chicken outlet had to apologise for sending a mobile app alert telling German customers to “treat yourself” at the 84th anniversary of Kristallnacht. The Kristallnacht or the ‘Night of Broken Glass’ refers to the pogroms against Jewish people in Germany and Austria carried out … Read more

Swindon council apologises for error-strewn Covid key worker tribute

Swindon borough council has been criticised for botching a tribute to key workers during the Covid pandemic with a plaque littered with mistakes. Images of the plaque have been widely shared on social media, showing random capitalisation, punctuation errors and spelling mistakes. It also crucially dates the pandemic as “March 2019” – a year before … Read more

Northern Cape government apologises for replicating authors’ books | The Citizen

The Northern Cape government has apologised to two authors – Sabata-mpho Mokae and Mohale Mashigo – after their novels were photocopied at the provincial department of sports, arts and culture, with the intention of entering the books in a national competition, without their permission. The department has taken full responsibility for photocopying Mokae’s best-selling novel … Read more

Hong Kong actor apologises for praising British queen | The Citizen

A veteran Hong Kong opera star apologised and declared his patriotism on Thursday after his praise for Britain’s late Queen Elizabeth II sparked a backlash among nationalists in China. Thousands of Hong Kong residents have queued up outside the city’s British consulate this week to sign a condolence book for the late monarch who died … Read more